Our Mission & Values

TotalCare’s mission is to help our patients achieve greater physical and psychological well-being by providing the highest quality care in a warm, welcoming environment.

Our 5Cs

Also known as the five C’s, the following values help us create a caring  environment that is conducive to healing, growth, and well-being for all.


Every patient and case is unique. We listen carefully to fully understand patient needs in order to prescribe the appropriate solutions. We treat patients and their families with understanding and empathy.


We embrace open, honest, and clear communication. We err on the side of saying more rather than less.


Maintaining a clean, professional, and friendly environment is critical to serving our patients effectively. We treat everyone in our diverse community, including patients, their families, and colleagues with respect.


Patient health and well-being is our greatest priority and we are fully committed to providing the best care.


We actively seek opportunities to help others with an understanding, empathetic attitude. We go the extra mile to educate, support, and help our patients in reaching their own health goals.

TEA Culture


We achieve the best outcomes through collaboration, by recognizing and appreciating each person’s unique strengths.



We care deeply about results and provide the highest quality service through the dedicated efforts of each team member.


No task is too small for excellence. We take full ownership of our work and hold everything we do to the highest standards.