Medical Assistant

TotalCare Walk-In Clinic is always looking for motivated, compassionate Medical Assistants to join our team. No license is required – we sponsor all training.


    • No license/certification required (the ideal candidate is a recent college graduate who aspires to be a PA, NP, MD, or DO)
    • Opportunity to perform a wide variety of back office procedures including venipuncture, EKGs, allergy tests, spirometry, and more.
    • Select candidates may also qualify for Phlebotomist certification sponsorship ($2,000 value)
    • Past employees have been successful in gaining admission to their top choice programs including for DO, NP, and PA (see profiles below)


    • Bachelor’s degree (in progress or completed)
    • Availability to work 20-40 hours/week for at least 1 year
    • Strong preference for fluency in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish

Day to Day

    • Check patients in and verify their insurance
    • Take patient vitals
    • Prepare discharge paperwork, including lab/imaging orders and referrals
    • Schedule follow-up appointments
    • Help improve quality of care by encouraging patients to complete preventive care
    • Perform procedures including venipuncture, EKGs, allergy tests, immunizations, and more
    • Assist providers with minor procedures such as sutures, I&D, splinting, joint injections, cervical cancer screenings, and more
    • Help with Clinical Inbox tasks including submitting authorizations and following up on lab/imaging results
    • For Chinese/Spanish speakers: assist patients and providers with translation during the visit

Perks & Benefits

No License/Certification Required

We welcome pre-health college graduates without an MA license, and provide full front office and back office training.

Paid patient care hours

Gain valuable experience in both the front AND back office working directly with patients to help your graduate school application stand out.

Phlebotomist sponsorship opportunities

We sponsor Phlebotomist certification for select full-time employees ($2,000+ value)

Flexible schedule

All our locations are open 7 days/week, and we can provide working schedules that accommodate classes, volunteer activities, and other commitments

Work with a diverse group of providers

Work closely with MDs, PAs, and NPs, so you can understand the ins and outs of each professional track and choose the right path.

Mentorship from alumni

TotalCare is proud of our dozens of former employees (see below) who have gained admission to their top choice MD, DO, PA, and NP programs. Many of them serve as mentors to help future applicants.

Strong application support

We offer letters of recommendation for all full-time employees who work more than 6 months, as well as essay feedback and interview practice.


Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

We offer attractive, zero-deductible plans from major carriers, including Healthnet, Kaiser, Blue Shield, and VSP. We cover 100% of the premiums.

To apply to the Medical Assistant position, please complete the 20-minute application using this link.

Meet our Rock Star Former Employees

Kevin Avelar Diaz, MD Candidate

Current program: UCSF School of Medicine
Undergraduate: UCLA

In his words: Working at TotalCare has been an amazing learning experience that has thoroughly prepared me for my future career. TotalCare enabled me to learn various clinical skills while providing healthcare to an underserved community. Being able to help Spanish-speaking patients both motivated me to continue pursuing a career in medicine and made working here fulfilling. The ability to work closely with doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners on a daily basis provided opportunities for valuable mentorship. The admin team was incredibly supportive throughout my process of applying to medical school; reworking my schedule around other activities, giving me time off to work on my applications, and offering direct advice on improving my application essays. I truly believe that being a medical assistant at TotalCare is
one of the best ways I could have spent my gap years, and I am eternally grateful for their help in achieving my goals.

His top advice: Don’t be afraid of taking your time and taking a non-traditional route to medical school. Deciding to take two gap years after college was stressful, but that extra year allowed me to work here at TotalCare and to make sure my application wasn’t rushed. Everyone’s path is different, so make sure you do what you need to make sure you put your best foot forward!

Kimberly Liu, MD Candidate

Current program: University of Illinois College of Medicine
Undergraduate: Carnegie Mellon University
Post-bacc: Carnegie Mellon University

In her words: Working at TotalCare as both an MA and clinic lead has shown me what holistic patient care truly means. It is more than a medical diagnosis — it is helping patients navigate through our complex healthcare system, resolving barriers to accessibility, and ensuring that any patient who needs to be seen, will be seen. I loved interpreting for Chinese patients during visits and managing clinic flow with the team. Most importantly, the providers and staff are some of the most compassionate, efficient and funny people I know. Now, as a medical student, I’m super grateful for how much confidence these experiences and role models have given me.

Her top advice: Always be your most authentic self and speak your truth! Journal all the fun, interesting and stressful patient encounters you have starting now — I promise all these stories will come in handy one day. And even if you think your experiences are mundane, just remember that your true stories and feelings will always be the most unique and interesting to share.

Jasmine Botello, MD Candidate

Current program: USC Medical School
Undergraduate: UCLA

In her words: Totalcare was very important in my journey to a career in medicine. While I was working at this clinic, I was able to work with Spanish speaking patients, learn from the providers about patient care, and learn many back office procedures. These experiences have helped me feel more prepared to start medical school because I was able to work closely with patients and providers in managing their care. I am so grateful to all of our amazing doctors, PAs, and NPs for always being so welcoming and open to teaching all of us about what it’s like to work in primary care and always being so supportive of our goals.

Her advice: My advice to those interested in the medical field is to never give up! It is so easy to get caught up in the numbers of it all but it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey looks so different. If this is something that you genuinely want to pursue, then as long as you put in the work you will be able to achieve it.

Tra Do, PA Candidate

Current program: UC Davis
Undergraduate: UCSD

In her words: My experience at TotalCare is something I will never forget. This place has given me many opportunities to learn and grow. From working alongside with doctors and shadowing PAs, I have gained a tremendous amount of clinical knowledge. As a back-office MA and phlebotomist, I was able to practice many tasks from venipuncture, injections, and assists providers with many procedures. During my application process to PA school, I got support from everyone at work from giving advice to writing recommendation letters to doing mock interviews with me. I truly value and appreciate the support system that I had from Totalcare.

Her advice: Be resourceful – take advantage of the resources around you to prep yourself to become a better candidate. Ask questions and seek for help when you are stuck. Also, have confidence in yourself. Applications and interviews are scary and stressful so it’s important for us to remind ourselves to stay confident and have a positive outlook on things.

Eric Wu, NP Candidate

Current program: Azusa Pacific University ELM-MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
Undergraduate: UCI

In his words: TotalCare has better prepared me for NP school than any other medical work or volunteer experience. I became competent with medical terminology, not only in English but also in Mandarin. My interaction with patients and providers as an MA allowed me to understand how different types of health care professionals collaborate to integrate care plans, as well as observe a wide range of specialties. The teaching background that both Dr. Wang and Dr. Zhang possess truly makes TotalCare a great environment for learning. Finally, I developed skills in vaccine administration, venipuncture, and other procedures, which has given me a head start in NP school.

His advice: Gain as much experience as you can, at a place like TotalCare. Your GPA only gets your foot in the door – the thing that impressed my interviewers the most was my clinical experience. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help: your best friends during the application process are your other colleagues headed down the same path and current RN/ NPs. You almost always need a letter of recommendation from a current provider so get to know them early and build a relationship. Last advice is to enjoy the application process – it is stressful but rewarding when you get into your dream school. Good luck!

Litzy Medel, PA Candidate

Current program: California Baptist University
Undergraduate: UCSD

In her words: My experience at TotalCare, without a doubt, shaped me into a strong applicant and has prepared me for PA school. I was able to further develop my bedside manner through patient interactions, learn about the intricacies of our healthcare system, master procedures such as venipunctures and medication administration, and learn more about the conditions treated and managed in primary care and urgent care settings from skilled and knowledgeable providers.

Her top advice: I would advise students who are interested in PA school to not compare themselves to others as everyone is on their own journey!

Andrew Chu, PA Candidate

Current program: Western University
Undergraduate: UCI

In his words: My time at TotalCare was the single most important factor in preparing me for PA school and my eventual career as a PA. Working hand in hand with our incredible providers taught me so much regarding how each patient encounter is handled and what skills I needed in order to succeed in the field. As a lead medical assistant and translator, I was also able to develop my leadership and patient handling skills significantly.

His top advice: Clinical experience is your best friend. Whether it is shadowing or working with a PA, getting to see exactly what the position entails is the best way to learn about and prepare for the career. In my experience, my PAs have been happy to answer any questions I had, which has been key in my journey to PA school.

Denisse Ramirez, NP Candidate

Current program: Western University: MSN Entry/FNP
Undergraduate: UCSD

In her words: The best thing I received at TotalCare was hands-on experience. As a back office MA, I was able to see everything and enhance all my clinical skills: venipuncture, vaccine administrations and EKGs. Really pushing into this environment was stressful at times, but it gave me a clear view of healthcare in action. TotalCare was able to showcase all aspects of healthcare from admin to clinical settings that I know will contribute to my aspiration of becoming a multi-faceted nurse.

Her top advice:  First, expose yourself to as many different healthcare settings as possible. It was important for me to do so before I made the very serious and expensive decision to go to nursing school. Healthcare is a giant, and it’s not for everyone. Second, ask questions. All of the doctors and providers are TotalCare are so helpful and intelligent, it would be a waste to not take advantage of the knowledge they offer.

Tracy Xu, DO Candidate

Current program: New York Technical Institute of Technology – College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Rochester

In her words: Personally, I feel that my experience at TotalCare was immensely beneficial during my preparation for applying to medical school. Throughout my application cycle I was able to draw from multiple situations and experiences that I had from TotalCare to answer questions and essay prompts from the schools. Additionally, my time at Totalcare helped me grow not only academically but also personally, something that I believe really presented itself during the interview process. I’m really thankful for all the help and support that I was able to gain while working at TotalCare!

Her top advice: Follow your own path and do everything at your own pace. Find what works best for you and that know that it is not necessary to make the same decisions as everyone else. Also to take time to gain experience in the healthcare field before deciding on medical school as the journey to becoming a physician is a long one!

Sihan Zhu, DO Candidate

Current program: Touro University Nevada Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: UCSB
Post-bacc: Keck Graduate Institute

In her words: Working at TotalCare gave me the opportunity to experience patient care from a different perspective. These precious experiences made me stand out as an applicant during medical school interviews and helped me build a foundation for future clinical skill training.

Her top adviceGet as much clinical exposure as you can. Clinical experiences can give you a better understanding of how medicine works in real-life, from a non-patient perspective. When I worked at Totalcare, I was able to explore different healthcare professions and decide that I want to become a physician.

Tin Liu, NP Candidate

Current program: Azusa Pacific University ELM-MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley

In her words: My experience at TotalCare was immensely helpful in preparing me for the MSN program by giving me increased exposure to both primary care and urgent care. Dr. Wang, Dr. Zhang and the PA/NPs there showed me the bond, rapport, and responsibilities that come with caring for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Working in a fast-paced healthcare environment also allowed me to develop effective time management skills.

Her top advice:  I would suggest getting as much direct patient care experience as you can. NPs work in close collaboration with physicians and working at a medical office is a great way to show your professional experience with both patients and physicians.