Lead Recruiter (hybrid)


TotalCare is looking for a Lead Recruiter who loves connecting with people and believes in affordable healthcare for all. We’ve been working hard for the past 16 years to build the leading independent primary care practice in California, and we are known for our patient-centered approach. Each year, our team of 85 providers and staff provide essential healthcare services in 3 languages to over 100,000+ patients across 8 locations, 7 days a week. We’ve ranked #1 for quality of care as the leading primary care provider in Southern California for the past 4 years in a row.

As the Lead Recruiter, your job will be to attract and retain the best people to make our services possible. You will work on a wide variety of positions – providers, medical assistants, administrative staff – while staying focused on our core philosophy: service is our mission, teaching is our method. By offering opportunities to people of all backgrounds to learn and develop themselves while helping those in need, we bring together those who are truly passionate about service into a high energy, collaborative environment. Over the years, many of our employees have formed friendships that have lasted far beyond their time spent working together.

While you will mostly be working independently in this position, you will be part of the broader TotalCare family: a team of 70 U.S. employees spread across 8 clinics in Southern California, and a growing remote team of 15 employees around the world. You will be communicating frequently with the Managing Director, a Harvard MBA who grew TotalCare from 1 to 8 locations over the past few years.


Do you love people?
You are friendly, high-energy, and have a way of talking to people that puts them at ease. You are genuinely curious about other people and what makes them tick, and totally non-judgmental when you hear them. Friends turn to you for support in times of need, and you’ve often been complimented on being a great listener.

Are you persistent?
You don’t let anything slip through the cracks, and have a habit of following up on each open issue until it’s resolved. When you get “no” as an answer, you see it as a learning opportunity instead of a rejection. You are highly disciplined, and know that for some things, you just need to put in the time, even if there are no immediate results to be seen. You are patient and optimistic.

Do you excel at learning?
You know that in recruiting, everything is changing all the time. What worked last time won’t necessarily work this time, and vice versa. You constantly put yourself in each candidate’s shoes to see things from their perspective and identify the root cause of any obstacles you might face. You are keen to use every conversation with a candidate not just to interview them, but also to gather information.

Are you exceptionally detailed?
You are naturally a perfectionist. You can spot the smallest errors from miles away. As a recruiter, you know that missing just one email can mean losing the perfect candidate for a role. You have the highest standards when it comes to professionalism, both in oral and written communication.

Do you love achieving results?
You are highly motivated by results, and enjoy the process of experimentation. You like setting metrics and tracking funnel performance to see if you’re getting closer to the goal. You understand that it’s not about how many candidates you screen or how many jobs you post; the only thing that matters is closing a solid candidate on time.

Additional requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 2-5 years of recruiting experience
  • Local presence (able to commute to our clinics 1/day a week)


As the Lead Recruiter, you will be spearheading all of our recruiting efforts for all open positions. Specific tasks include:

  • Write job descriptions and manage job postings
  • Screen inbound candidates’ resumes and assessments
  • Actively source high-potential candidates for key roles through research and cold outreach
  • Schedule and conduct phone interviews with qualified candidates
  • Coordinate final round on-site interviews with hiring managers
  • Update candidate database as candidates move through the funnel
  • Develop talent pipelines for core positions through networking, referrals, event planning, and outreach to local schools/organizations
  • Track conversion rates for each position at each stage of the funnel and identify ways to improve

Perks & Benefits

Competitive Compensation

With opportunities for significant performance-based bonuses. Full-time employees also qualify for retirement match after two years.


Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

We offer attractive, zero-deductible plans from major carriers, including Healthnet, Kaiser, Blue Shield, and VSP. We cover 100% of the premiums.

Free Coffee & Snacks

Load up on Pub Mix, peanut butter pretzels, M&Ms, and more from our unlimited snack bar.

Annual Holiday Party

Work hard, play hard. Previous holiday parties have involved bowling, karaoke, photo booths, raffles, and more.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off is available to employees who meet minimum qualifications.

Discounts at Our Wellness Center

Enjoy discounts on all treatments at our Wellness Center, including Botox, facials, and IV therapy.

To apply to the Lead Recruiter position, please complete a 25-minute application by clicking the button to the right.