COVID tests

Get a test directly, without a consult (self-pay only)

We offer 2 different COVID-19 tests 

Rapid antigen test: anterior nasal swab. Results available immediately. All ages accepted.
– PCR test: nasopharyngeal OR throat swab. More accurate than antigen test, and accepted by most airlines. Results available in 2-3 days. All ages accepted.

How to get tested: Please wear a mask and walk into any of our clinics during operating hours. Come inside to give the front desk your information and payment for the test, then go back outside to wait for a technician to come perform the test. Our rapid tests are $80 and PCR is $165.

Results turnaround time: Results for rapid tests are emailed immediately after the test, usually within 30 minutes. PCR results are emailed in 2-3 days.

Use Insurance

To use insurance, you must schedule a PHONE consultation with our providers first. Once we confirm that we accept your insurance, we will call you for a PHONE consultation. Please do NOT come to our office. During the phone call, our provider will evaluate medical necessity for a test and help you schedule one. ONLY THE PCR Test is available through insurance. The Rapid Test is self-pay only. Click here to book a phone consultation.

We accept the following insurances for covid tests. to use insurance, phone consults must be scheduled first.

IEHP (urgent care)
Any HMO plan that we take for urgent care




Monday – Friday

8am – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday

9am – 5pm