COVID testing

We offer outdoor COVID tests via throat swabs in our Chino building parking lot. Results are usually available in 1-2 business days.

Use insurance

To use insurance, you must schedule a PHONE consultation with our providers first. Once we confirm that we accept your insurance, we will call you for a PHONE consultation. Please do NOT come to our office. During the phone call, our provider will evaluate medical necessity for a test and help you schedule one.

Book a test directly (self-pay only)

To book a COVID test directly without a phone consult first, we only have a self-pay option available. Click the link below to book a test, and follow the links to make a $150 payment online by the day before your appointment to confirm.

We accept the following insurances for covid tests. to use insurance, phone consults must be scheduled first.

IEHP (urgent care)



Monday – Friday

8am – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday

9am – 5pm