Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?
How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment?
Do you accept walk-ins?
Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?


Clinical Services

What types of physicals do you provide?
What types of procedures do you offer?
Do you practice integrative medicine?
Do you offer urgent care?


Aesthetics Services

What kind of aesthetics services do you offer?
What is laser skin rejuvenation?


Do you accept my insurance?
What will the cost of a visit be if I don't have insurance?


Labs and imaging

What types of lab services do you offer on-site?
How about imaging services?
How long does it take to get my test results?
How do I get a copy of my test results?


Referrals and prescriptions

How long do I have to wait for a referral to a specialist?
Which pharmacy can I use with TotalCare?
How do I get refills for my prescriptions?